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The Rocksalt interview with Al Jourgensen

Ministry has been one of my favourite bands ever since i first heard them on MTV’s 120 minutes about 20 years ago (yes, i’m getting old as well). Ministry’s main man Al Jourgensen has always been a very controversial person and the personification of a rock n’ roll junkie. Saw Ministry a couple of times and also saw Jourgensen go from a skinny heroin junkie to a rather heavy alcohol guzzling posture. Nonetheless he always performed well under whichever influence he was.

Al Jourgensen / Ministry

Ministry in Tilburg in 2008

Jourgensen has been up for interesting interviews in the past (unfortunately i never got the chance to talk to him) but he kinda went off the radar after quitting Ministry 2 years ago. But now he’s back, healthier than ever, kicked off the drugs, alcohol and smoking habits and finished a country album.

I felt like an overpaid babysitter or basically a traffic cop for a moshpit.

The Rocksalt had a very long, insightful and enjoyable interview with him. Read all about it here.


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