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Stupeur et tremblements

Based on the novel with the same title. Stupeur et tremblements (fear and trembling) is about the Belgian woman  Amelie who was born and raised in Japan until she was 5 years old. Since Japan is her dream country she moves back to work for a big company as a translator. During the year she works at the company she encounters a lot of problems and differences between the Western and Japanese (work) culture.

By Western standards most of the demands, rules and regulations in the Japanese office seem retarded and daft. But aparently, according to people that actually worked in Japan, not much is exaggerated in the movie. Which is a bit scary to be honest, as it’s hard to understand why people would put up with such pressure and terror from their higher ranked.

Mainly because of that i couldn’t really get into the movie. As most of the time i was just waiting for someone to stand up and do/say something. Besides that i had the feeling the movie couldn’t really chose between being a drama or a comedy. As a drama it wasn’t dramatic enough and as a comedy it wasn’t funny enough. Or maybe it wasn’t my sense of humour.

Even though i was a bit annoyed with Sylvie Testud as Amelie she did a good job, same goes for Kaori Tsuji as Fubuki Mori. The rest of the actors weren’t that great, but since the movie basically revolves around the two women that is no problem.

All in all the movie was a bit of a let down to me personally.


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