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Streaming: Flourishing – The Petrifaction Lottery

The Sum of All Fossils, Flourishing’s 2011 album has slowly become my favourite deathmetal (although the term deathmetal really doesn’t do this album any justice) album of this year. Even though it technically was released in 2011. Describing Flourishing’s sound is a tricky business as you hear bits and pieces of several bands and genres, but expect a bit of a mixture between Ulcerate/Immolation deathmetal mixed with the industrial vibe of Godflesh. Maybe you hear something else in it, but i’ll let you discover that for yourself.

Anyway, today Stereogum released a new song, the Petrifaction Lottery, from their upcoming 3 track EP Intersubjectivity.
Listen to Flourishing – The Petrifaction Lottery here


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