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Mantar - St. Pauli Sessions Box

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Special limited edition boxset of the St. Pauli Sessions. Edition of 50 boxes.

– Handpainted wooden box with handburned Mantar logo
– DIY Green Russian muff distortion kit
– Aluminum enclosure
– Instructions, schematic lay-out
– St. Pauli Sessions album on yellow tape, housed in an O-card and black velvet bag
– Mantar button
– Mantar sticker
– Download card
– Signed limited edition ‘Death by Burning’ card
– Mantar decal / sticker

The Russian Muff is a true classic for any fuzz loving geek. Exactly this self build version is on my board since MANTAR first started playing. It provides lots of low end and is simple as fuck. This is the real deal! Easy too build. If I can do it, you can do it. Trust me.
Hanno – Mantar

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