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Sexy Beast

Tonight a friend came over, it was kinda unexpected so we went for a quick pizza and decided to rent a movie instead of going to the cinema. But since it was storming we decided to first go through my DVD collection to see if there was anything we wanted to see instead of being literally blown away outside. After browsing we ended up with 3 movies from which we would choose. Clerks I and II, Ex-Drummer and Sexy Beast. Having seen the first two movies quite recently and only having seen Sexy Beast when it came out in the theatres about ten years ago i suggested we would watch that one.


Sexy Beast is about Gary ‘Gal’ Dove, a retired safe cracker, living in some remote and deserted part of Spain. Enjoying the good life, sunbathing, swimming in his pool, having dinner in restaurants with his wife and friends Jackie and Aitch. Everything is peachy until Jackie and Aitch get a phonecall from Don Logan. Don is a brutal gangster who wants to recruit Gal for a job. Being retired Gal wants to decline the job offer which is a bit harder than expected.

Sexy Beast is an extremely violent but funny movie. A bit in the style of British gangster movies like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. The star of this movie is without a doubt Ben Kingston as the deranged, violent and psychotic Don Logan. The scenes with him in it are amusing as well as very uneasy to watch because he makes everyone around him extremely uncomfortable. Sexy Beast is a great movie, not because of the great story or the plot as that’s rather straight forward. But what makes this movie great is the overall atmosphere, the energy and the simple amusement this movie brings. Oh, and Ben Kingsley.



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