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Scott Walker – The Drift

Received my copy of Scott Walker’s the Drift today. It’s a re-release and i’m not sure how many copies there are. The album is a double LP on thick black vinyl, rather nicely done. If you are a fan of mr. Walker and you missed out the first time this was released i suggest you go get this asap. Because a) it might sell out fast again, and b) because it’s a fantastic album.

His vocals are a bit of an acquired taste i guess, as i’ve heard people that actually hate them, but it adds a lot to the overall spooky atmosphere in my opinion. I don’t think i’ve heard a more scarier album in my life.

Check out two songs from the Drift below



Also, if you get the chance be sure to check out the documentary 30th Century Man, that shows him recording this album. It’s at times a sight to behold (for instance this part). A preview:



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