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Scott Walker – Bish Bosch trailer

While 2012 has already been a great year for music (Converge, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Ishmael, Wovenhand, Mono come to mind) and there is still a lot to come (ao. Neurosis, Yakuza and Deftones) i must say that the album i anticipate most is Scott Walker’s new one Bish Bosch. It took quite a while to get into his previous album, The Drift, but eventually that has become one of my favourite albums, and from what this trailer presents i’m pretty sure this album is going to be up to par with that. No ‘dead meat drums’ are shown and from what this trailer shows it sounds a little more melodic compared to his latest work but the range of weird objects he uses for this album is looking very promising.

It’s a fine line between pretentious and genius and his vocals are a classic example of love it or hate it but in my opinion Scott Walker is a genius, a rather disturbed genius when you listen to his music. Or as someone put it ‘disturbing is an understatement’. Decide for yourself below.


It’s hard to believe this is the same guy that had number 1 hits in the 60’s with the Walker Brothers.

If you aren’t familiar with his work  check out Jesse and Cossacks are Here from the Drift.




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