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Roadburn preview part 3: Saturday

Tomorrow we’ll leave for Roadburn, since we’ll be going home every night there is no need for packing, just some flyers, some tapes i need to bring for people and other than that it’s just a matter of not forgetting your ticket and bankcard and hoping for some sunshine because this winter-y weather style is starting to get really annoying.

We are going 3 days. As that’s proven to be long enough, at least for my old body, so the final preview is of the saturday. There is a fair amount of bands i want to see but most of them play early in the day.

The first clash will be between the Ocean/Fell Voices and Monomyth. I think i’ll go check out Fell Voices first and during that gig decide whether or not there is a need to go see the Ocean. The last time i saw them, about 3 years ago, they were rather disappointing really. Monomyth i saw a few weeks ago in a place here nearby so there is really no need to go check them out again but who knows, that gig was nice.

After that it’s a no-brainer for me to go and see the Ruins of Beverast. Their Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite album has been played numerous of times in recent years and since it’s their first ever gig (as far as i know) we’ll make sure to be on time in het Patronaat. Shame about missing Raketkanon because they have by far the coolest bandname of the entire festival.

The next no-brainer for me is Cult of Luna on the mainstage, their latest album is great and the last time i saw them at Roadburn (2008?) they were fantastic. After that i guess i’ll just go with the flow, probably seeing bits and pieces of bands like High On Fire, A Forest of Stars, Die Kreuzen and maybe Elder. But i’ll be sure to check out Ash Borer as i’m looking forward seeing them.
Despite having some ‘bigger’ names at the end of saturday, like Godflesh and Asphyx there is no ‘must sees’ anymore then. So i’ll probably just check out Satan’s Satyr and see what happens.

Regardless of that i’m looking forward to the festival again. Expect a day by day review. If all goes well that is.