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Roadburn preview part 2: Friday

The friday this year looks less ‘urgent’ for me personally. With only three must see’s.

The day will start with Kadavar playing their 70’s hardrock in het Patronaat. I quite enjoy their self titled debut album but of that album only Creature Of The Demons really stood out with the rest just not being that good unfortunately.


After that there are quite some bands that i don’t know too well but will most likely check out. Sabbath Assembly, Witch Mountain and Uncle Acid And the Deadbeats but the act i really want to see that day is Nate Hall playing Cul de Sac. From what i understand he will play songs of his solo record as well as USX songs. Really looking forward to this as Hall’s solo record is one of my favourite albums last year.


After that there isn’t much that i really have to see so probably bits and pieces of Moss, The Pretty Things, Cough, Electric Wizard and Psychic TV until it’s Amenra’s turn to play het Patronaat. Seen them quite a couple of times already, mainly playing small clubs (and the Stage01 at Roadburn a few years ago) so i’m curious to see what a closing slot in a bigger venue will be like.



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