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Roadburn preview part 1 – Thursday

A little over a month left before the trek to the annual Roadburn festival starts again. From every corner of the world people come over for 3 (or sometimes 4) days of doom, psychedelic, avant-garde, sludge, metal, stoner and a lot more. Every year you tend to think they can’t top the previous year but the fine lads behind Roadburn surprise every year with an array of special acts and awesome bands.


I’m not sure if at the time of writing this the line up is complete. I thought it was, but they’ve started booking acts for the Cul de Sac venue (bar) as well now. But regardless of that the festival is once again looking like a marathon of exciting bands. Hopefully without too many clashes.

Anyway, here come some of the bands i will definitely be checking out that weekend. “What do i care?” i hear you say, i don’t know, but maybe you will discover some nice bands.

Thursday is looking like a not too crowded day with a few bands i’ll definitely check out. I will most likely see a lot of bands still but there isn’t the ‘necessity’ of running around like crazy to catch every band around.

For starters there is John Baizley/Nate Hall/Katie Jones in the Cul de Sac. Playing Townes van Zandt songs as well as some Baroness and some Nate Hall solo songs. It would be great if they fit in some US Chrismas songs (Hall’s main band) but since i love Hall’s solo album i’ll definitely try to check that out.


Already featured on this website a couple of months ago French’ C R O W N will also be something i’m looking forward to. Two guys and their drummachine doing awesome heavy stuff .


I have no idea what to expect from Gravetemple, i’m usually not too fond of noise/feedback/droney music but i’m pretty sure i will check this out as well. Unless it clashes with something.


Despite them being a Dutch band i have yet to see Herder live. Although that might change since they play not too far away from here this coming weekend. Anyway, pretty sure i will see them at Roadburn


While their albums are a bit hit and miss for me, i’m really looking forward seeing Intronaut again. Last time was in about 2007 i guess together with the Ocean. A gig i really enjoyed. So despite seeing them a few weeks before already i will most likely go check them out.


Mournful Congregation; i think they will be playing a few other gigs in this area around Roadburn but i will check them out there as well.


Pallbearer; one of my ‘must see’ bands this edition. I’m usually not a big fan of the more traditional side of doom. But i like their An Offering of Grief album a lot


Headliner of the day (or i think they are) is Primordial. I’ve seen them once, somewhere in 2004 or so but wasn’t really into them then. That’s something that’s changed over the years. So i’m looking forward seeing them.


The Atlas Moth, one of the biggest surprises of 2011 was The Atlas Moth’ An Ache for the Distance Album. Getting a number 2 spot in my 2011 yearlist. I still really like the album so it’s one of my ‘definitely seeing’ acts for this years Roadburn.




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