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Roadburn day 3: the final battle

The Roadburn saturday promised to be a very crowded and complicated day considering the many bands me and my friend and Roadburn buddy Jo1ders (click) wanted to see. The day started off with having to rush like a madman to the station because halfway i realized i forgot my train ticket. As i didn’t feel like sponsoring the NS with buying a ticket for the same trip twice i went back to pick it up. In hindsight i could have tried to just show the pdf on my phone, but i don’t like the idea of the conductor to cut my phone like he does with tickets. But anyway, i was afraid i’d miss the train but it turned out i was 5 minutes early. Jo1ders (once again, click) arrived when the train arrived so great timing on his part. During the train ride we decided what to see and what not and noticed that there would hardly be any time to eat.

We arrived a bit past 3.45 and Candlemass already started playing. I never really got into them so i went to check out Black Math Horseman which i’m glad i did as that was one of the highlights of the day for me. Listened to their ‘Wylt’ album quite a bit but never realized that the drumming on that album is so incredibly awesome as it was live. Really liked it and i finally got around to picking up their album on vinyl.

Black Math Horseman

Black Math Horseman playing Roadburn 2011

After Black Math Horseman finished i checked out a bit of Candemass who where still playing their entire first album, but since i’m not familiar with their older material it sounded kinda dated to me. But i can imagine people growing up with that album loved it.
I walked to the Midi to see Rwake. A band i really like, but only in small doses because they are pretty extreme. Especially on the vocal side. And live that wasn’t any different, very dirty sludge with two singers that were apparently in a contest ‘who can scream the loudest’ but it worked pretty nicely. After about 45 minutes (Jo1ders had joined me again in the meantime) we decided to leave, but not before scoring an Rwake shirt.


Rwake playing Roadburn 2011

We wandered around the 013 again seeing bits and pieces from various bands like Weedeater, Evoken and Ludicra before going for a bite to eat as none of the bands really appealed for more than 2 or 3 songs. We came back to the venue to check out Imaad Wasif as that was on my ’to check out’ list for this years fest. The batcave was once again filled completely but Imaad Wasif couldn’t interest me. I like the album alot, but yesterday it did just not work out for me.
We decided to go to Ramesses, but the green room was also filled up to the max basically. We managed to get a somewhat decent spot on the balcony but because it was so hot and crowded we went to the main room and wait for Shrinebuilder.

Shrinebuilder playing Roadburn 2011

Shrinebuilder playing Roadburn 2011

Their soundtrack seemed to last for ages but when they started off they sounded like crap. I don’t know whether it was because of the spot in the hall we were standing (right below the side balcony) that caused the sound to be crap but the guitar sound really annoyed me. After 20 minutes of guitar sound annoyances we decided to go for a good spot on the balcony in the green room for Yakuza. A band i had been looking forward to seeing. And they were a very pleasant surprise. The addition of saxophone and clarinet really adds something to their music. And once again they were a very thankful band to be able to play Roadburn. Together with Black Math Horseman and Rwake Yakuza was my favourite band of the day.

Yakuza – Be That as it May + Stones and Bones @ Roadburn from armandb on Vimeo.

After seeing the entire Yakuza gig we rushed to the Midi to see Ufomammut, saw them a couple of months ago in a not too crowded Baroeg venue so i was surprised to see a line in front of the Midi. Luckily the line wasn’t too long so we got in rather quick (it was on a one out, one in base) and we got to see the final 30 minutes of their gig. It was surprising to see how much better the sound was in the Midi compared to the 013 main hall during Shrinebuilder.

After the gig it was like some sort of Bijenkorf (or Harrods’) mega sale at their merch table. People were pushing and pulling to get stuff, which was funny to watch. One thing that does stand out at Roadburn is the insane amounts of merchandise that is sold. In the 013 cloakroom you can put your merch away for free. And i think there were almost more little white bags with records, shirts and/or cd’s than there were coats.

Merch stand Ufomammut

Quick, before it's sold out!

After talking to a Belgian dude about Ufomammut and the possibility of the Midi Theatre having to close (which would suck) we walked back to the 013 because our train wouldn’t go for another 40 minutes. Saw a bit of Swans (Schwanz?) and even though i read a lot of enthousiastic comments i didn’t get into it really. So we went to the merchandise place for the final time before walking back to the trains.

And after a bit of a tiring trainride i arrived home at 2.45 in the morning. Very happy i went this year and i’m incredibly glad i saw Winter.

So, to conclude, my top 5 of Roadburn 2011:

1. Winter

2. Yakuza
3. Black Math Horseman
4. Mamiffer
5. Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter / Rwake


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