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Roadburn 2012: day 3 – Earripper

Day 3 of the Roadburn festival started with another fairly uneventful trainride to Tilburg. My companion (mr. Jo1ders) was nodding off because of the lack of sleep his new born son gave him and while we were brought up to date with the latest news from the sewing/fabrics scene that 3 middle aged Brabant women were discussing the train rolled into Tilburg station.

After a cup of coffee at the train station we went straight to het Patronaat because one of the reasons we went to Roadburn in the first place was playing there. Celestial Season playing their Solar Lovers album in its entirely. Although that was a joyous fact the presence of George Oosthoek as their singer made us a bit hestitant of the outcome. I’m sure he is a nice bloke, but i’m no fan of his vocals plus he tends to be a bit too present in his performance. Something that doesn’t suit the music of Celestial Season in my opinion. Fortunately he did an ok job without being too much of a distraction (that’s also mainly because i was at the side of the stage were the cute cello player was sitting). It was nice to finally hear those songs in a live setting, but was a little surprised about the small turnout. It was probably because only 15% of the Roadburners are Dutch and this isn’t a very familiar band outside Dutchland. Otherwise i can’t think of any reason. Nice gig nonetheless.

Celestial Season

We wandered back and forth for a bit checking Church of Misery, who sounded pretty decent, then we went to see a bit of Saviours before we went for a good spot at Purson’s gig. Saviours wasn’t too special so we waited for Purson, who kinda looked like they just came from a gig at Woodstock. Usually not my type of music, a bit folky i guess, but the gig was nice and the fact there was rather appealing woman singing helped as well. A pleasant surprise. We went for a bite to eat (and an icecream!) before going back to the Green Room for Mars Red Sky. I’ve listened to their album for quite a bit and it’s a really nice and laidback album. It was nice to see them but it lacked some punch in my opinion. A bit too ‘soft’ maybe, which is a bit weird to say as the album isn’t exactly loud either. But i’m glad i saw them.

Mars Red Sky

Mars Red Sky

We went back to het Patronaat again to see Oranssi Pazuzu. I had no idea what to expect and when i entered the room they were playing some Pink Floydish piece, because some people around us had a little tea party going on and were just blabbing through the music we went a bit up front. Which was a wise decision as i really liked this band. Some weird dissonant blackmetal/ambient/psychedelic combination, rather hypnotic and actually pretty damn cool. One of the surprises of the day for me. Shame they didn’t bring more merchandise (something a lot of cool bands failed to day unfortunately).

Oranssi Pazuzu

After that we walked back to the Green Room to see Necros Christos, their album failed to convince me because it’s a bit too long, too many samples/intermezzo’s and a bit of a crap production but was curious how this would be live as they do bring a lot of atmosphere. Which is usually a good thing in a live setting. But it wasn’t very convincing what they did. The atmosphere was there, so was the better sound, but the songs never got really interesting enough to convince my spoiled ears. After three songs we left to see Tombs.

Necros Christos

So once again we walked back to het Patronaat where Tombs were already playing. Which they did at full volume and with the fullest conviction. Nice set but three days of Roadburn had started to take it’s toll on our ears and legs so after a couple of songs we walked back to the merchandise place. Picked up some records and we went downstairs to the cinema area. We did that on day 2 as well but then some weird arty farty movie with a noise soundtrack was playing. And we weren’t drunk enough to enjoy that.

This time Puzzleface was just starting, a movie made by one of the guys in VoiVod and it’s a musical/horror short movie. At points it was really funny. Although i’m sure the tiredness/alcohol helped laughing at stupid things as names like Doctor VonSprechenziedeutsch. Anyway, after the movie ended Slow Southern Steel started. Not sure if it was the entire documentary or a long trailer but it looked interesting enough to check this documentary.

There were two bands left that we wanted to see so we walked back to the 013 venue where the Heavy Jam had already started. Ao. the guy from Dinosaur Jr. played with some other guys, no idea who they were, but it sounded like one big guitarsolo to me. Not being a fan of guitarsolos we went to Stage01 as Jucifer played there. A bit of a shame as once again the place was packed to the roof and incredibly hot and sweaty. We managed to squeeze ourselves in but the smoke prevented us from seeing anything. Jucifer played a very noisy set (or atleast the part i heard from it) and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. I was too tired and hot to fully enjoy it. In het Patronaat Bongripper played so we went back once again to check them out. While we were walking up the stairs it already became clear earplugs were a very vital thing to have while watching Bongripper. The place was packed and Bongripper was LOUD and as my other Roadburn companion (mr Ed) rightfully said ‘This is a great band for people that are constipated’. As the whole building was trembling. And before i started to lose my bowels because of that we decided that it was a good idea to call it a day, or call it a Roadburn. All bands started to sound alike and with every new band we grew more tired, so we walked back to catch the nighttrain. The trainride home was once again rather uneventful except for one apparently overcompensating cop that picked a fight with one of the passengers who had his feet on the bench and started yelling at him and then threatening him. Later on he was banging on the bathroom door yelling ‘POLICE, OPEN UP!’ while there was only a girl inside doing what she had to do. Probably frustrated that he had to work the nightshift.

Roadburn 2012 was once again a pretty interesting festival with some great bands (Agalloch, Black Breath, Yob, Solstafir, Christian Mistress), some slight dissapointments (Ulver, dISEMBOWELMENT, not being able to see Conan, Red Fang and Celeste) and some surprises (the aformentioned Black Breath, Yob and Oransi Pazuzu). All in all i think i enjoyed last year’s Roadburn better, but that was mainly because of the mighty Winter playing. Something that made my entire festival worthwhile.

Regardless of that, see you next year Roadburn!


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