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Roadburn day 1

This weekend is the Roadburn festival in Tilburg. Since we got our tickets rather late (or atleast i did) and i didn’t feel like paying 100 euro’s a night in a hotel nor felt like camping with temperatures that are around 0 C at night we are travelling back and forth. So far so good but i think that by the time it’s saturday i’ll be pretty damn tired of the train. But anyway, day 1.

We arrived a bit past 2 at Tilburg station, we exchanged our ticket for a wristband and walked around Tilburg for a bit looking for a supermarket. When we walked back we passed the Midi Theatre were the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Orchestra was going to play. A very nice start of the festival with their laid back trippy jazzy sound. And an amazing singer they had.

The Roadburn festival is usually a running back and forth to catch as many bands as possible and this was the case this time as well as i wanted to see Year of No Light. They played in the Green Room (the middle stage of 013) but that was really crowded so we didn’t see much from it. Because we couldn’t get into the room we decided to check out Alcest first, but that was rather boring. When we finally got into the room Year of No Light sounded impressive, which was caused by the two drummers they had. I hope to catch them again tomorrow afternoon when they play a second set.


Ghost playing Roadburn

After Year of No Light it was back to the Midi Theatre as Ghost was about to play. A bit of a hyped band and the Midi was pretty much packed. Musically Ghost is very nice, and they have a cool show but the vocals get annoying after a while. So after about 30 minutes we went to grab a bite to eat before checking out Wovenhand.


Wovenhand playing Roadburn

Wovenhand played very well and i was surprised by the response they got. After Wovenhand it was time for Pentagram. I had never heard them before and it sounded pretty cool for about 4 or 5 songs, after that we left for a good spot at the Green Room to see Today is the Day. Who were a bit of a letdown. The show was ok but it didn’t really seem to catch on. It wasn’t bad at all, but i expected more from it. After Today is the Day we moved to the Batcave (the smallest room in 013) to see In Solitude, who were a surprise. Very young Swedish band that play a nice mixture of heavy metal and doom. The vocalist got on my nerves after a while though but it was a very nice surprise.

Today is the Day

Today is the Day playing Roadburn

Since we are travelling back and forth we planned to get our coats and catch the 23.25 train, but we wanted to see Wadruna first as the reviews for their album are very good. It was nice, different but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. So after 30 minutes we decided to go to the station. I must say the vocalist of Wardruna (the female one, not Gaahl) was pretty amazing.

All in all a very interesting and diverse first day with a lot of ‘legendary’ musicians. From Steve Austin (Today is the Day) to Dave Eugene Edwards (Wovenhand) to Justin Broadrick (Godflesh) to Bobby Liebling (the walking ghost from Pentagram) to Gaahl. On to the next day! WINTER!


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