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Roadburn 2012: Day 2 – full of surprises

After a more than necessary good nights’ rest (hey, i’m getting older as well) the path to Roadburn was followed again. We arrived at around 15.45 to see Hexvessel, a folky doomy band that was alright but didn’t really appeal to me so after three of four songs we went on our way to the merchandise (well, initially we went to check Nachtmystium, but we ended up in the merchandise place) as i wanted to pick up Sólstafir’s latest album on vinyl. Unfortunately they only had cd’s, and even the Roadburn mailorder that was in the merchandise place didn’t have it anymore. Bummer. Anyway, we went back to het Patronaat to wait for Sólstafir on the balcony. We got ourselves a nice spot there, even though it was rather crowded (or cozy). I managed to piss off some German that was right behind me and i didn’t notice while grabbing my phone and i spilled his beer all over him. If you are reading this beer covered German, i’m sorry.
Anyway, Sólstafir played well, lots of material from their fist album at first and later on new material but it didn’t really grab me. I’ve played Köld about a million times but maybe it was too light and hot in het Patronaat or they took too long inbetween the songs but it didn’t grab me entirely so after about an hour we left to get a good spot for Conan. Another band i really wanted to see.

Unfortunately more people thought that as about 30 minutes before they were supposed to start the Stage01 was packed already. We initially tried to stand at the end of the place near the toilets, but the heat and the stench of piss kept us from staying there so we went to sit in the hall near Stage01. That way we couldn’t see anything but atleast we could hear (and feel!) the music. But more and more people kept coming and in the end even the hallway was full. So we decided to grab a bite to eat first and then check the last 20 minutes or so as usually the rooms get emptier as the gigs progress as people tend to move on to check the next band. We got back for the last 10 minutes or so and the place was still full!
We managed to squeeze ourselves inside for the last part of a song and it made me sad that we weren’t able to get in earlier than that as they sounded fantastic. Incredibly heavy.


As the mainhall was rather full already we decided to stay near the top bar to see Yob play their the Unreal Never Lived album. I was somewhat familiar with it and i remembered to enjoy that album more than other albums i heard by them so i was curious. The soundcheck already made it almost impossible to listen to without earplugs. I was surprised to see the main hall being so full and singer/guitarist Mike Scheidt (who apparently later lost his phone while stagediving during the DOOM gig) seemed to really enjoy himself. Despite only being the three of them they created an incredible wall of sound because holy shit this was heavy. I was really surprised at this being so good and entertaining. Crushingly heavy doom with more ‘lighter’ parts that go towards stoner and once again a fantastic drummer (there are quite a bit of those walking around Roadburn).

Near the end of the gig we left to get a nice spot on the balcony for the Black Breath gig. And i’m glad we did because after all the slow stuff we heard all day this mixture of crust/death/thrash metal was really entertaining. They borrowed the distortions from Dismember/Entombed and gave it a whole new twist which made it really nice. The place was packed and the crowd went wild with even a couple of stagedivers and crowdsurfers. Really entertaining and fun stuff. I’m glad Roadburn gives these type of bands (the more uptempo ones) a place as well.

After Black Breath we went to the merch area for the final time as we planned on taking an early train home. We were doubting about seeing Celeste play but since it would be about 2 hours and all the other bands weren’t interesting for us we decided to skip them and get the train home.

Today, the final day for us, we are definitely going to see Celestial Season, The Wounded Kings and Mars Red Sky, and probably going to see bits and pieces of Jesu, Purson, Saviours, Alkerdeel, Oranssi Pazuzu, Necros Christos, Sleep Jucifer and Tombs. Another fun filled day. I’m pretty sure my ears are going to be thankful this is the last day and they will get some well deserved rest tomorrow.


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