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Review: Ministry – Fix


Being a long time Ministry fan i have been looking forward to this documentary by Doug Freel for a while. The trailers and teasers were very promising. Fix is an insight in the madness that is Ministry on tour. You see backstage antics, interviews with fellow musicians (like Trent Reznor of NIN, Maynard of Tool, King Buzzo of the Melvins, Jonathan Davis of Korn, David Yow of Jesus Lizard and Lemmy) and quite a bit of onstage footage. The footage is mainly from the Sphinctour. I saw them on that tour at the Waldrock festival, and a couple of days later at their Paradiso show in Amsterdam, some footage of those shows (and backstage) is in the documentary which makes it even more fun to watch.

With this documentary not really explaining the ‘importance’ of Ministry/Al Jourgensen for the industrial/metal world, well besides Trent Reznor describing it, i can imagine that for people that aren’t too familiar with Ministry or Jourgensen it’s more of a documentary about a bunch of junkies and the people around them doing weird, fucked up and stupid shit on and off stage, and even for those people that are familiar it’s still a bit of that. But some context/history would be in place.

What the documentary does right though is to give you a feeling of uncomfortableness when watching Jourgensen. You see him shoot up dope, get more and more paranoid (the main reason of him wearing a top hat is so that snipers don’t really know where to aim when they want to shoot him in the head), and being incredibly silly, weird and fucked up. The comment of Dave Navarro sums it up well, he and his bandmates/friends being huge junkies at time thinking when being around Jourgensen ‘at least we are not as bad as he is’.

There is a lot of original and never seen before footage. Like William S. Burroughs visiting the band backstage, and the footage of him shooting in his backyard. Which is seen in the Just One Fix video.

A must watch for anyone even remotely into Ministry/industrial or metal. And even for those who aren’t it’s still an enjoyable documentary.



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