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Review: Jex Thoth – Baroeg Rotterdam, june 1 2012

Friday june 1 we went to see Jex Thoth in de Baroeg in Rotterdam. Support came from the Machine who surprised me in a positive way. Great stoner/psychedelic rock, loved the bass players sound. Really impressive what they achieved with only three people on stage.

Last year we also went to see Jex Thoth in the same venue, then i got a bit bored by their gig towards the end. This time it was the opposite, the beginning of their gig felt rather boring. No idea if they were new songs or old songs from previous albums ( i’m only familiar with their Jex Thoth album ) but i didn’t recognize any songs plus they were rather dull / boring. But towards the end they seemed to warm up and play their more familiar songs. That’s when i started to enjoy things more as well.

As per usual the circumstance to take photos were pretty terrible again, not much light and when there was light it was mainly red. Plus it’s been a while since i took photos at a gig so i was a bit rusty with my settings.


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