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Review: EF – Delusions of Grandeur

Quite often outside influences can have a strong influence on how you perceive something, for instance when i first heard Delusions of Grandeur by Swedish post-rock band EF i considered it to be ‘just’ a nice album.
It sounded nice and well played but that was that, while listening to a post-rock album should, in my opinion, give one a feeling of either happiness, sadness or melancholy and none of that happened really. At first, that is.

While biking home on a warm summer night after a night out I put it on again and i don’t know whether it was the few single malts i had in me or the warm summer breeze / smells but somehow it all started to get together.

Photo by: Evelina Hjalmarsson

Although this is a short recording, by post-rock standards that is, it is very diverse.

The title track, Delusions of Grandeur, is actually more poppy than post-rock, which is mainly caused by the addition of vocals. Usually I can live without that when it comes to this genre but this is really nicely done and I wouldn’t mind hearing more of that on future releases from EF. The song builds up beautifully and the addition of a trumpet (I think it’s a trumpet atleast) surely helps to make this a great song. More acts should incorporate this instrument in their music by the way. Bands like EF, *shels and in a distant past Beyond Dawn have proven that it works.

The second song, Fem_Digi Master could be considered an intermezzo, which prepares you for the third, final and in my opinion best track on this album, I Never Felt This Way Before. A track that reminds me of brilliant UK band Yndi Halda. Beautiful strings, pianos, a choir and a narrative voice over make this song something special.

This EP is a teaser for what’s to come for EF, and if they can keep up the level that they show in Delusions of Grandeur and I Never Felt This Way Before I am definitely looking forward to what this band will bring us in the future.

Delusions of Grandeur is available through Pelagic Records on 10” vinyl.

Check out more from EF on their Facebook.



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