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Uur – Uur

Uur – Uur

The reincarnation of Dresden/Leningrad, Uur is here to transcend the tragedy that is modern life.⁣

The music on this record is about dealing with everyday ‘ghosts’; negative sentiments, wasted energies, feeling powerless and repeating rituals that lead to outcomes we already knew. This inspired @joost.vervoort_artwork to paint a hungry ghost as artwork for this album.⁣

The special edition box comes in a white VHS box including the cassette. Uur patch and a package. The little black package, stamped with the Breathe Plastic seal, consists of an Abalone shell, white sage and a piece of Palo Santo wood.

The contents of the package:

White Sage – is meant to relieve your soul and your home of negativity. Used since ancient times, a smudging ritual cleanses you, your space or objects from bad energy or even bad spirits.

Abalone shell – this protects you from negative energies and evil, and provides you with inspiration and new insights.

Palo Santo wood – this is known for its energetically and healing properties. At times of depression, tension or negativity, Palo Santo brings you rest. Burning this wood enhances your creativity and brings good fortune to those open to its magic.



Special edition available here

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