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Endless Flood – Circle the Gold

Endless Floods- Circle the Gold

“Endless Floods do it their way, and at their best they hold something special.”
Ninehertz (UK)

“An album which absolutely reeks of despair, isolation and a cloying sense of claustrophobia.” Worship Metal (UK)

“Revel in this stickiest and solidest document of austere experimental post-extremity.”
Echoes&Dust (UK)

“Little daylight is allowed to illuminate these two sustained angst-filled aural admissions which will at times have you reaching for a glass of water in a bid to dilute the despair.”
 Nation (US)

“At times this devastating experience seems to have ended until another beat, another mournful chord, reawakens the listener’s awareness.”
Ghost Cult Mag (USA)

“An intriguing and imaginative listen.”
Games, Brains & Amp
A Headbanging Life (UK)

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