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BPR26// Charnia – Dageraad

Charnia - Live at Kinky Star
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Charnia, young wolves from the Waasland in Belgium, have been making quite an impression in the underground live scene for a couple of years now. Their mixture of sludge and post metal, combined with ambient and drone elements, makes up for a gripping listening experience. After having carved and crafted their debut album „Dageraad” for ages, they’re finally ready to immerse their audience in their grey and gloomy world. However, what seems like an odious wall of sound at face value, keeps on revealing its inner-strentgh and inner beauty with each listening session.

This debut album demonstrates the potential of this incredibly talented band, and is without a shadow of a doubt the herald of even more exciting things to come.
For fans of: Amenra, Mogwai, Sunn 0))), Aidan Baker, Oren Ambarchi, Boris, Isis, Cult of Luna, The Body …