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BPR24// IRN – Sewer Disease

IRN - Rat's Disease (Live)
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The formula is simple, but its effects are devastating. Taking Electric Wizard, Moss, Corrupted, Noothgrush, Iron Monkey and Eyehategod, IRN have taken all the most iconic traits from all these legendary sludge and doom bands and pancaked them one of top of the other in an escalating stacking of pure filth, a fucking warzone of slime spun out of control.
Every instant of this goddamn record is a endless and wretched spawn of complete fucking filth. Dirt and revolting putrescent bile that coalesce in enormous waves of sickening and doom-ridden heaviness. The vocals sound like someone is being suffocated face down in a mud bog. The riffs are so infested with fuzz and feedback that they sound like a mountain of decomposing meat covered in flies, and the rhythm section? Well, that’s just the beat of pure coma. The sound of a heart about to collapse and pop from an overdose of morphine.
IRN are literally the sickest, most degenerate and filth-obsessed band in the universe, and Sewer Disease is nothing but the purest statement of this lurid filth-obsession of theirs. One doesn’t simply just listen to this record. You get chewed up and then vomited out in pieces by it.

Cassette housed in a full colour O-card, with extra info card and white IRN patch. Comes in a black velvet pouch OR a white cotton bag (randomly picked).
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