- only tape is real -

Photos: De Hofstede

The night of the 5th of july 2010 i woke up to a very strong smell of fire and the noise of firetrucks passing my apartment. After closing my bedroom window i went back to bed and it wasn’t until the next day that i found out the nearby bowling alley / sauna burnt down to the ground. A month later i went to check on the site and things were shut down with gates that were locked. Today i figured i would check the site again to see if they cleaned up yet. Which isn’t the case, and one of the gates locking the site was open.

It’s times like that i really like my iPhone and Hipstamatic app.

While i was inside the complex taking some pictures i heard two girls talk to their father (at least, i assume it was their father):
‘Look, a fridge’
‘Don’t touch that’
‘Why not? Maybe there is a corpse inside and then we would have made a cool discovery, and even make the news!’

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