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Photojournalists in Libya Injured, Killed

Taken from inFocus

Four photojournalists were badly wounded during fighting in Misrata, Libya, today. One of them — Tim Hetherington — died from his injuries. Hetherington was best known as the director of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Restrepo.” Also gravely injured was Chris Hondros, a Pulitzer-Prize nominated photographer with Getty Images who entered the besieged city of Misrata with his camera only days ago. War photographers take great risks to find and tell the stories of people in desperate situations, sometimes paying a heavy price. Collected here are some of those stories — photographs of the conflict in Misrata taken by Chris Hondros over the past few days, including several from today. [Update, 7pm, Getty Images has confirmed that photographer Chris Hondros has also died from his injuries.]


A Libyan rebel fighter fires into a basement during an effort to dislodge some ensconced government loyalist troops who were firing on them during house-to-house fighting on Tripoli Street in downtown Misrata April 20, 2011. (Chris Hondros/Getty Images) #

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