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Photography: Rene Groebli

René Groebli (born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1927) secured his place among the elite of Swiss post-war photographers with his 1949 portfolio MAGIE DER SCHIENE (RAIL MAGIC). In the early fifties Groebli worked as reporter for Life, Picture Post and other international magazines. During the following years he owned a studio for industrial and advertising photography. In 1957 the American Color Annual named him MASTER OF COLOR.

In the early 80s Groebli stopped working for adver-tising and rediscovered for himself the possibilities of expression that black-and-white photography offers.

Not all the work on his website appeals to me. Some galleries, like Female-X and NY Visions seem forced to me and look like crappy 80’s photoshopping (although it’s probably a lot more than that). But Ireland, Rail Magic, Industry, NY Melancholia contain great pieces of work. I really like the dark, grainy, foggy, sometimes out of focus images in those galleries.

See more of his work on his website


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