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Photography: Josef Hoflehner – St. Martin

A couple of years ago i made a 10 day trip to St. Martin, in the Carribean. Unfortunately i wasn’t into photography that much back then (that came about 2 months later if i remember correctly). Unfortunately as the island is very photogenic. One of the interesting parts about the island is, besides that there is a lovely French part and a (then) old, shabby Dutch part the airport. It’s located next to the beach and while you lie on the beach the airplanes are flying right over your head. At some points you can almost literally touch them. A very weird experience.

Josef Hoflehner took some spectacular high contrast black and white of the airplanes flying over the beach and the people.

See the rest of this serie at his website.

Be sure to check out the rest of his website as well, as it’s more than worth it.


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