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Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral live at Webster Hall

In the early and mid 90’s Nine Inch Nails was one of my favourite bands with their 1994 album The Downward Spiral as my favourite album by them. Unfortunately every album after that has been progressively worse and at some point i couldn’t even be bothered to check out their new albums (Ghost I-IV for instance).
Luckily live they’ve always been solid and their last gig (so far?) on Dutch soil in 2008 was pretty cool. After that they’ve been put on hold for Trent Reznor to explore more solo projects (writing soundtracks, winning Oscar’s and starting another project ‘How to Destroy Angels’).

Anyway, i came across one of the fansites through a forum where they had posted the entire gig they played at the Webster Hall in New York. Nothing too special you’d say, but at that gig they played the entire Downward Spiral album. Which got me excited. The image and sound quality isn’t the best but the intensity is there and i must say i really enjoyed watching and seeing this.


You can download two different versions through bittorrent here