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New records + camera

Last weekend was the Utrecht recordfair again. Last time i didn’t go as the two editions before that sucked and were dissapointing. Not too many interesting records and the things that were interesting where way too expensive. But this year i felt like going again. My parents were in the neighbourhood, and since the collector’s fair is in the same place they wanted to come along. So in the morning i tagged along with my parents who seemed to enjoy all the old crap. And at almost every stall my mom said ‘I still have that!’ ‘I should go sit here and sell that crap as well!’ and my dad seemed to enjoy explaining the meaning of many unidentifiable objects.

After walking around for a while i ran into a stall with old cameras. They Β had a few interesting ones but they all required 620 film. Ofcourse you can fiddle around with the film holder, scraping/cutting a part from it. But that never really worked for me in the past so i focussed on camera’s with films that are still available (or atleast somewhat). I noticed the Polaroid Land Camera 2 in a small box. It was cheap, folded nicely and it seemed ok, some slight wear. I asked the guy behind the stall whether it still worked. He said he hoped it would and admitted he had no idea. Since it was really cheap, and i loved the model i bought it.

Polaroid sx-70 land camera 2

After about an hour or two, after a short stop for food and a drink, we went our separate ways and i went towards the recordfair. Entering the recordfair is always a little intimidating. Millions and millions of records, cd’s, dvd’s. It’s insane when you think about it. The first time at the fair i made the rookie mistake to just start without thinking or checking the map. It resulted in me wandering through miles and miles of Zimbabwean grindcore, Icelandic Reggae, Italian Polka Β for hours thinking ‘where is the good stuff?’. About an hour until the fair closed i realised all the good stuff was at the complete other side from where i started.

Once and never again did i make that mistake. Luckily the set up is basically the same. The first two to three lines from the right are the good stuff (for me atleast) and usually after two of those lines i’m already out of money. That was another rookie mistake. Bringing your ATM card with you. So this time i was on a budget. Mandatory as my ATM card is broken. After two lines of stalls i was already almost out of money. So many good stuff this year.

The results of browsing records for 3 hours are:


From left to right and up / down:
– Pantera – Great Southern Trendkill. Cover has some slight wear. And the record needs to be cleaned, but Β for 20 euro’s it’s a bargain. Goes for way much more money on eBay, and i had the feeling the guys selling the record didn’t really have a clue.

Down – NOLA The Over the Under record is pretty common and it’s cover looks a lot like this one. So i was browsing through a stall where i bought the Alice in Chains – Self Titled album for 10 euro’s years ago (goes around 70 euros on eBay) and i saw this Down record, but thinking it was the Over the Under album i flipped through it only to find another Down record a minute later. Wondering if he put two of the same albums there i went back to the first album and noticed it was the NOLA album. It turned out to be two NOLA records. The second one was in a not so good shape but this one is in great condition. In the stall next to the one where i found this record was another copy of NOLA, same condition, same pressing that went for 130 euro. I briefly thought about buying the other copy as well. But realizing i didn’t have too much money left i didn’t.

Cynic – Traced in Air Not a very rare album, but since it was only 13 euro i decided to get it.

Tool – 10.000 Days Was getting tired and weary so i was about to call it quits when i saw this German stall with some interesting records. Found Aenima and 10.000 Days there, and thought about buying both albums. But i didnt’ have enough money with me for both so after a quick check on eBay on my phone i chose this one as it seemed rarer. Eventually i think i should have bought Aenima but oh well.

– Khanate – Clean Hands Go Foul This week i got an email from Southern Lord saying the Capture/Release record was available again. Upon clicking the link to order it showed ‘sold out’. So it was either a mistake from the website or a insane run on this record. Anyway, going through the Burning World stall at the fair i noticed a lot of brilliant records there, only downside was that i already had most of them (yes, i just said i have a brilliant taste πŸ˜‰ ) Just when i thought i wouldn’t be buying anything from them this year i saw this Khanate record. Even though i don’t like Clean Hands.. as much as any of their previous releases the opportunity to get Khanate on vinyl should never be passed. Especially when it’s on Caramel/Vanilla swirl (i don’t make that shit up, it’s really on the record). Anyway, for 25 euro’s it was a bargain seeing as it goes for atleast 4 times on eBay usually.

Opeth – Morningrise My favourite Opeth album, bought it at the same stall as the Cynic album. Not too rare these days anymore, but since it was only 15 euro’s (for a double LP!) i bought it. I still love the album i found out when i played it today.

After buying all these i stopped spending and decided to just walk around. So i passed on the opportunity to get At the Gates – Through Gardens of Grief (45 euro) At the Gates – Terminal Spirit Disease (50 euro), Pro-Pain – Truth Hurts and Foul Taste of Freedom(20 euro), Band of Horses – Cease to Begin (16 euro), Strapping Young Lad – City (20 euro). All in all a great fair, and i’ll be sure to save a lot more money for next time.


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