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Music: Appollonia – Crimson Shades (preview)

The past couple of years the French metal scene has been very fruitful, a lot of interesting bands emerge from L’hexagone and the past years even more interesting bands started popping up. Mars Red Sky, Year of no Light, Hypno5e and Dirge are just a few of the bands that came onto my radar recently and produce very interesting music.

Appollonia is another band that i’ve liked for a while now. Their debut album, Among Wolves, is still a regular in my playlist and i still enjoy every second of the album. I liked them so much i even organised a gig to get them a little more exposure as to me it’s baffling (or actually a bit of a disgrace) that they haven’t been signed yet as they are so much more interesting and diverse than many many other bands in the genre.

Anyway, enough sucking up to them, the reason for this post is that they’ve posted two new songs from their upcoming album Crimson Shades, and in my opinion it’s very much worthwhile again. Go here to listen to them and order the new album. And when you are done doing that go here and order some more stuff!


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