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Metal Friday: Pro-Pain – Johnny Black

In ’93 Pro-Pain’s Foul Taste of Freedom was one of the ‘hit albums’ amongst my friends (together with the Biohazard and Life of Agony albums). After this Pro-Pain, in my opinion, never reached this level of awesomeness anymore. Although the follow up to this album, The Truth Hurts, was pretty good and i must say that their latest albums are enjoyable again. Besides that they are always a great live experience and they are a steady force in the Dutch live circuit as they show up somewhere basically once or twice every year. If they are in the neighborhood we always go check them out as they never dissapoint. Like last year when they played the Foul Taste of Freedom album entirely. Of that album this is probably my favourite song

Unfortunately there is no official video for this one, only crappy live recordings or static image videos. Anyway, hope you enjoy.



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