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Metal Friday: Planes Mistaken for Stars – One Fucked Pony

A post on some website made me rather excited for a minute, it said that Planes Mistaken for Stars had reunited. I only discovered them through their Mercy album in 2007 or something but they had already broken up by then. Just a few years before that they played Amsterdam with Converge and i was rather bummed to find out i missed that. The post on that website mentioned a reunion, but further investigation made it clear that it was only for a 11 gigs US tour apparently. Which is a shame.

Anyway, One Fucked Pony is from their 2006 album Mercy, which is a rather underrated album in my opinion. Planes Mistaken for Stars play some sort of indie rock but heavier with sludgier riffs. Kinda like Isis at times but not as heavy. They might not be as heavy but they are ‘filthier’ sounding, which is mainly because of the vocals that are kinda raspy which gives the music a bit of a fucked up vibe. Which i like. If you aren’t familiar with this band go check them out.



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