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Metal friday part 2: Fall of Efrafa – Last But Not Least

I just realized that i forgot to post a metal friday last week. I doubt anyone noticed, but just in case someone did and is still trying to recover from that i’ll post another one.

Lately i’ve been listening to more crust / hardcore / sludge, or dark hardcore, i don’t know how to call this. All i know is that it’s awesome. It has the intensity of hardcore and crust and the atmosphere of sludge and doom. Anyway, one of my favorite bands in this genre is Fall of Efrafa. Unfortunately they split up a few years ago and it’s a shame i never saw them live, although i don’t remember them ever playing the Netherlands.

Of all their albums (three) i must say that their first one, Owsla, is still my favorite by them and from that album Last But Not Least is the song that i like the best. Especially the final part of this song is amazing.



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