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Metal friday: Obsessor – Mental Hell

Just like with any revival or suddenly hip genre, millions of bands pop up that try to get their 5 minutes of fame. Same goes for the whole thrash revival, suddenly out of every corner these guys with white sneakers, ball crushing pants, and patch jeans jackets show up playing some lame 3rd rate, rehashed, version of 80’s thrash metal.

Luckily with any revival there are also exceptions and Obsessor is one of them. Obsessor is a one man band Brandon Ferrel who is in, for me unfamiliar, hardcore bands Direct Control and Government Warning but is also the person who played drums on the first Municipal Waste album.
Mental Hell is part of a 4 cassette single series by Obsessor. If you are interested in getting it (really, all the stuff is as good as this one below) you can get it at the TANKCRIMES webstore.

More information about Obsessor here.


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