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Metal Friday: Isle of Man – Breathe Plastic

I realized i never posted the band this website took it’s name from in this series. So it’s about time to give them some attention. Breathe Plastic is an EP by Dutch band Isle of Man. They were a short lived project around 2004, after this EP they released another EP in 2006, simply called Isle of Man before they called it quits. Which is a shame because both EP’s are very much worth your while.

Breathe Plastic is a rather weird, chaotic piece of metalcore/death/grind which isn’t unlike bands like The Red Chord and Cephalic Carnage. Even though they were short lived i did see them live twice. Both times they were impressive on a technical level and a lot of fun to watch. Youtube has all the songs from the Breathe Plastic EP online so check them out. For the song Pigroast they did an official video, which you can check out below.



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