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Metal Friday: Edge of Sanity – Twilight

The first deathmetal bands i got into, after the obligatory Guns N Roses > Nirvana > Metallica > Pantera phase most people my age who got into metal, were part of the Swedish wave of death metal of the early and mid 90’s. Bands like At the Gates, Luciferion, In Flames, Darkane, Dark Tranquility, Eucharist, Dissection, Ebony Tears and Edge of Sanity. I first got their Unorthodox album but that was a bit too raw for me at that time, but i was completely sold when a friend played Purgatory Afterglow one drunken night at our local bar. The still raw music mixed with cleaner vocals and amazing melodies really made an impact on me (especially considering it was 1994 when it came out). Later on Edge of Sanity ofcourse created their ‘masterpiece’ Crimson but I learned to appreciate the entire discography of this band, even the later albums without Dan Swano. But Purgatory Afterglow will remain my favourite Edge of Sanity album.



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