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Metal Friday: Beyond Dawn

Figured i would cover this band after picking up three tapes by them of off eBay (hooray for Poland!) recently.

Beyond Dawn can best be described as a musical chameleon (not Culture Club related). Starting out as a doom/black/death metal act they released some demo’s and EP’s, but ’94’s Pity Love was the album that got me into them. Rather bleak and moody doom metal with hints of black and an excellent addition of the trombone. After that they evolved further into something you could describe as doom-rock with their albums Revelry, In Reverie and Electric Sulking Machine. Something fans of for instance a band like the National could appreciate i reckon, as it has the same sombre and laid back atmosphere as that band. After, but also during, those albums they evolved (or devolved as some would say) into something more electronic and poppy with their Frysh album, an album i never got into and was actually rather dissapointed with.

After this they kinda sank into oblivion. While drummer Einar Sjursø has played with bands like Ved Buens Ende, Virus, Fleurety and Lamented Souls for instance and singer Espen Ingierd started a band called Two Trains, but i have yet to hear that. The other guys in the band haven’t been doing much musically as far as i know (and can find).

I was lucky to see them at the Peacefest that was held somewhere in 2001 in 013 Tilburg, a festival with some bands that were signed to the Peaceville label at that time (ao. My Dying Bride and Katatonia played as well that day). I don’t remember much of that gig unfortunately, just that they seemed very shy and the crowd wasn’t as interested in them playing. Which is basically the story of their career and that’s a damn shame as especially their first four albums are definitely worth checking out.

Since Beyond Dawn is so diverse i’ll not post one, but four songs. One of each of the albums i like best by them.

From Pity Love:
(Never A) Bygone

From Revelry:
Love’s (Only) True Defender

From In Reverie:

From Electric Sulking Machine:


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