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Mastodon – Live (sept. 2000)

I saw Mastodon for the first time in 2003 when they were supporting High on Fire in Waterfront, Rotterdam (a place unfortunately closed these days). Saw them numerous times in the years after that but the past couple of years i kinda lost track of them. I heard their albums, even bought a couple, but i never listened to them as much as i used to listen to Lifesblood, Remission or Leviathan. A couple of weeks they played the Pinkpop festival here in Holland and some songs were broadcasted on national tv, but to be honest it was a big let down.

Anyway, killthatcat.com posted a video from Mastodon playing in 2000. When they were with five. I never knew they had a separate singer at some point, so quite a unique video.



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