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Lists! Yearlist 2012

A more than decent year music wise in my opinion, although i didn’t have a number one that stood out as much as last year i had to leave out quite a bit of albums that i listened to this past year and in this list there wasn’t room for great albums from Planks, Ancestors, Cattle Decapitation, Converge, Ishmael, Bismuth and Vaura either.

Anyway, this year’s list is as follow:

20. Birds in Row – You, Me and the Violence

Never paid much attention to these Frenchies, but this is a very nice album. Been a while since i heard something this good in this genre.


19. Nate Hall – A Great River

US Christmas frontman goes solo. Dark American folk music.


18. Pinkish Black – S/T

One of the albums i only heard late in the year and i think it could be higher if i heard it more often. Bit of a weird album full of bass/synths/drums/ strange rhythms and odd vocals, but it works out pretty well.


17. Appollonia – Crimson Shades

Where i loved Among Wolves i thought their previous album, Blank Solstice, while still better than a lot of albums, lacked something. Crimson Shades doesn’t have that problem as it’s pretty damn solid. Still i don’t understand why these guys aren’t signed to a decent label.


16. Zatokrev – The Bat, The Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere

Diverse album, they have definitely outgrown the ‘post-metal’ label here. Recommended!


15. SONANCE – Like Ghosts

Out of nowhere (atleast for me) these Bristol dudes come with an impressive 2 track (about 40 mins) album full with doomy sludge metal, or sludgy doom-metal. Looking forward seeing them live early next year.


14. Circle Takes the Square – Decompositions: Volume One

Of course this turned out to be a slight disappointment. I loved their 2004 album As the Roots Undo so much that nothing could top that, especially after 8 years of waiting on the new album. Took me a while to get into this but the pieces are slowly but surely falling together. Still a unique band.


13. Wreck and Reference – No Youth

Electronic doom-metal? I have no idea how to describe this. I’ll just leave you with a quote from another website:

“No Youth is the musical equivalent of a mental disorder that is only heightened by a volatile frontman who at times can sound insane. Wreck and Reference is a psychiatric disorder that no psychotropic drug can fix.”


12. Carrion Mother – Koronis

A monolithic journey across doom/post-rock/ambient and sludge. Really impressive for a ‘rehearsal room recording’. Be sure to pick up the tape early next year!


11. Ides of Gemini – Constantinople

I love Sera Timms’ vocals, here, on last years Black Math Horseman’s album and without a doubt on the Black Mare solo album by her.


10. Yakuza – Beyul

An album that didn’t get as much exposure as i think it deserves, despite being on Profound Lore Records. Takes some time to get into, but very good!


9. Wovenhand – The Laughing Stalk

Impressive in a live setting for years but even though his previous albums had their great moments it never really clicked between me and Dave Eugene Edwards. Until this album. Amazing


8. Amenra – Mass V

I kinda expected a bit more from this one, still a fantastic band but the album seems a bit short. The Nowena I 9.10, with Scott Kelly is definitely the highlight of this album.


7. Black Breath – Sentenced to Life

Fuck yes!


6. OM – Advaitic Songs

They never really quite grabbed me with their previous efforts. But Advaitic Songs is an amazing album.


5. Bell Witch – Longing

I already mentioned them a few times on this website, great doom-metal album. LOVE the clean vocals.


4. Destroy Judas – Wake

A split number four spot. First up it’s Destroy Judas. I am a HUGE Mindrot fan and with Dan Kaufman from that band in Destroy Judas as well the similarities are there. Amazing album.


4. Woods of Ypres – Woods 5: Grey Skies and Electric Lights

This is a bit of an oddball record, they have a big 90’s vibe going on. Type O Negative, older Tiamat, Paradise Lost that kind of stuff. Lyrically it’s all rather sombre, but musically very catchy. Love the contrast on this one.



3. Chelsea Wolfe – Unknown Rooms

Just watch the video.


2. Neurosis – Honor Found in Decay

Another case of ‘high expectations and slight disappointment’ at first, but listening to this album more it’s definitely a great return for one of my favourite bands ever.


1. Scott Walker – Bish Bosch

The older Scott Walker becomes the weirder he gets. While the Drift was already an album hard to comprehend Bish Bosch might even be weirder. The only difference is that Bish Bosch feels a bit lighter while the Drift was almost suffocating in its darkness. Where these days the word genius is used for things that are far from that, this is something truly genius.


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