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Kylesa live in Baroeg

Having missed Kylesa play on numerous occasions the past couple of years i was set on seeing them this time play Baroeg in Rotterdam. Tonight they would play together with two Dutch bands, Izah and Fehler. We arrived during Izah and we only caught the last song which was enjoyable. Nice projections, a good sound and a good band. Shame we were too late to catch their whole set.

After a short break Fehler played, which wasn’t really my cup of tea.

After Fehler finished it was time for Kylesa, having two drummers, a theremin, a keyboard and the usual wall of guitars and thinking about the usual sound quality in Baroeg i was expecting the worst, but the sound was pretty good and massive. The band played rather well, although the vocals were a bit ‘off’ but that only bothered slightly at the beginning. They played a nice collection of older and newer songs, which included songs like Tired Climb, Unknown Awareness, Scapegoat and Hollow Severer. I was never too sure about the extra effect the two drummers had but seeing them live it sure adds something to both the sound as the visual aspect.

Kylesa – Hollow Severer from armandb on Vimeo.

After about an hour they finished their set and after a short pause they returned with an encore which was a cover of Pink Floyd’s Set the Control for the Hearts of the Sun.

Kylesa – Set the Controls.. from armandb on Vimeo.



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