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Album: Khmer – Khmer

Khmer is the first demo of Spanish (they are from Madrid) band Khmer. Khmer consists of members that are also in bands like Ictus, Giganto, Desert Icons, El Ego, Another Kind of Death and Become Wrath, bands i’ve never heard of to be honest, but most likely explains why Khmer sound unlike a band that just recorded their first demo.


Khmer is recorded, produced and mixed by guitarist Ivàn Ferro in his home studio and i must say it sounds great.  They play a form of d-beat hardcore/punk mixed with more blackmetal influences, especially in the vocals and some riffs. Like mixing Cursed, Converge and band like Uphill Battle with some Norwegian blackmetal band.

Since my Spanish doesn’t go any further than ‘cerveza’ and ‘pendejo’ and despite recognizing that last word from time to time I have no idea what the lyrics are about. But given the pissed off nature of their music and the economic situation in Spain (and in Europe as well) you can only guess.

It’s a shame this demo is only 15 minutes long, can’t wait to hear more from this band!


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