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Interview: Sera Timms – Black Mare / Black Math Horseman / Ides of Gemini

Black Mare is the soloproject of Sera Timms, vocalist and bassist for Black Math Horseman and Ides of Gemini, and with those two bands responsible for two great albums in the past two years. Breathe Plastic asked Sera some questions regarding Black Mare and ofcourse Black Math Horseman and Ides of Gemini.

  Sera Timms / Black Mare

Black Mare is your solo project, what made you decide to do a solo project next to your work in Black Math Horseman and Ides of Gemini?
Black Mare was born of a desire to construct my own songs independently, to have a musical project that I could work on without needing help from others, and also to express something a bit more vulnearble than I have before. It took me many years to get to this point, where I am comfortable creating songs that are not necessarily progressive, or built within some other construct of the mind, and are rather a simple, almost naive expression of the heart.

How does Black Mare differ from those two bands? Both musically as well as lyrically?
I see all 3 bands in a symbolic way. Black Math Horseman is the fiery Apocalypse, crushing and shaking your soul. Ides of Gemini is the aftermath, the haunted Wasteland where the cold moon disintegrates into your heart, and Black Mare is the wayfaring spirit behind the loom, drifting in and out of day and night dreams. Lyrically they are all bound by one story that threads them all together….I hope one day to release the story as a little book.

Is it just you or are you collaborating with other musicians? Any guest appearances for instance?
Bryan Tulao of Black Math Horseman appears on 2 of the songs. He plays lead guitar on one of the 1st songs I wrote, which I composed on the bass called Fighting Birds, and he added some lovely textures to a song called Ashlar. Sera Timms / Black Mare

You are also releasing a vinyl version of the Black Mare record through The Crossing. Who did a great job on the Destroy Judas vinyl before. Can we expect something special from it?

You recently went on your first tour with Ides of Gemini, how did it go?
It was wonderful! Being able to tour Europe after our debut album had only been out for less than 6 months was unexpected, and every night was challenging and gratifying in different ways. Me and the Ides members very much operate as a little family so it was by far the most supportive and harmonious tour I could have imagined. The highlight for all of us was playing high up in the Austrian Alps at a place called Neudegg Alm in Abtenau. We played in an old barn type of building full of taxidermy, antlers, and animal bones, and stayed in a 400 year old house on the property. It was stunningly beautiful up on the mountain, and there is also a circle of large monolithic stones in a hillside meadow, with a firepit in the center where they hold solstice rituals. Ides of Gemini and Black Mare both played our 1st shows at a Winter Soltice Ritual, so this place very much felt like returning to a home of sorts.

I saw Ides of Gemini at the Incubate festival gig in Tilburg, what do you remember from that one. We briefly spoke about it already and you mentioned seeing Mgla, did you catch anything else from the festival?
Yes, that was a great festival. The Little Devil was full of beautiful devil artwork! Mgla was absolutely the musical highlight for us at Incubate. We also spent much time wandering around Tilburg, reveling in the opportunity to be under the stars, outside of the van, or a crowded club.

Are you going to support your solo album with a tour?
I would have to get a band together in order to tour, which at the moment sounds a bit daunting with all of the other things I am currently working on. Eventually I would like to do that.

If you are going to support it, will that just be Black Mare material or are you going to do some Black Math Horseman / Ides of Gemini material as well?
When and if Black Mare tours it will will just be Black Mare material.

What are the plans for Ides of Gemini / Black Math Horseman in the near future?
Ides of Gemini are working on a new album, which I am very excited about, and we are honored to be opening for Neurosis on Juanuray 4th in Los Angeles. Black Math Horseman may or may not record another album this year…

Next to the Ides of Gemini video I noticed you also directed video’s for Isis and Intronaut, both look stunning. Are you currently working on other video projects?
Thank you. Yes, I am currently working on a more experimental, visual scape piece for RM74’s new album…there will be 3 songs/videos are related to eachother.

Martyrium of the Hippolyt (w/ Intro) by Ides of Gemini from Sera Timms on Vimeo.

It’s the end of the year, which is usually the time for yearlists, what are your top 5 records and movies of this year?
#1 Evoken – Atra Mors
#2 Neurosis – Honor Found in Decay
#3 White Hex – Heat
#4 Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind
#5 Alaric/Atriarch split

I don’t think I’ve actually seen 5 movies that came out this year so I’m just going to list some old movies that I really like, and may or may not have watched this year.
Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky
Hour of the Wolf by Ingmar Bergman
Throne of Blood by Akira Kurosawa
La Cienega by Lucrecia Martel
Antichrist by Lars Von Trier

And to conclude, when can we expect you back (and with what project) in Europe?
I would say its fairly likely that Ides of Gemini will make it back to Europe in 2013.

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