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Interview: Nonsun

From Lviv, Ukraine comes drone/doom/post/sludge metal duo Nonsun. Consisting of Alpha on drums and Goatooth on guitars, bass, keys and vocals that’s here to make your time miserable, in a good way. Or as Decibel Magazine said “This isn’t music for throwing back beers and elbows; Nonsun will rob you of the will to live, then sock you in the guts just the way you know you deserve.” Nonsun will be released on cassette through Breathe Plastic Records, time for some questions.



Could you start with introducing Nonsun, who is in Nonsun and what was the reason for starting this band?

Hi Armand, thanks for your interest. Nonsun is me (Goatooth) on guitars/bass/vocals and Alpha on drums. The reason for starting Nonsun was my love for doomy and atmospheric music and our mutual passion for experimenting.

Have you guys been in other bands or are you currently in other projects?

I’m also on vocals in a death-doom metal band Apostate. Alpha currently plays in 3 other rock, blues and prog-jazz projects and have played in a number of local bands since 90s. None of them was metal though.


Sun Blind Me
has some moody, dirty sounding drone/doom, what do you consider to be your main influences. Both musically and lyrically?

I love all things doom, no matter the subgenre (from Black Sabbath to Electric Wizard to Paradise Lost to Eyehategod to Skepticism and so on), but enjoy any slow and atmospheric music, so my inspirations go as far as drone metal and non-metal, post-whatever, ambient. Bands like Earth, Tangerine Dream and Dead Can Dance are amongst my favorites. From not so “ancient” acts I listen a lot to Black Boned Angel, Horseback, Kodiak, Black Shape Of Nexus, Nadja, Year Of No Light, Samothrace etc. These all deal in area that borders between doom and drone, more or less.

Alpha is not very much into heavy music, but he loves some post-rock, post-metal, drone-doom bands like Omega Massif, Isis, Boris, Pelican, Khuda etc.
I can’t really name some specific influences on my lyrics for Sun Blind Me album, what I could say is that they were meant to be ritualistic, mesmerizing, mantric, as well as the music.

You will release your Sun Blind Me EP soon, but you already released a demo called Good Old Evil earlier. How have the responses to that release been? 

I don’t know how much good the responses are, but they’re certainly much better than we expected. There have been a lot of positive reviews, some interviews, other ways of support and just nice words from all over the world’s underground by fans of different genres. We’re happy to be heard.

How will Sun Blind Me differ from Good Old Evil?

Sun Blind Me will feature two songs from Good Old Evil and two new tracks. It will contain more focused material compared to the demo. Sun Blind Me excludes two more sludgy, noisy, brutal tracks from Good Old Evil, and includes two others which are more dreamy, droney, not so brutal ones, and they should fit better with two new ones which I’d say are pure drone metal pieces. In fact, these two new tracks, titled Alphomega I & II, were born out of some our improvisations made during the recording session of Forgotten Is What Never Was. So it was kinda natural to place Alphomega I & II just after Forgotten Is What Never Was.

Sun Blind Me
will be released on a cassette through Breathe Plastic, but you are also doing a digital release through netlabel Drowning.cc. Can you tell more about that, what can people expect from that release compared to the cassette release?

The track-list on both releases is the same. Drowning is a Danish drone-doom netlabel that does digital releases which people can download for free. Along with our digital release, fans will be able to buy a poster featuring an artwork by Tobias Holmbeck with whom Drowning collaborates. In addition to that Tobias also made a great booklet for the Breathe Plastic cassette release.
I think it’s great to have this kind of release along with a cassette. People got used to download everything for free, in this case they at least can do it legally and with style.

NONSUN Pre-order

In another interview I read from you you said you were still trying to build and find your sound. Do you think you have found your sound?

It’s hard to say. To build your own sound has a quite vast meaning which includes a lot of things, not only the sound itself. We’re currently rehearsing new material, but to say we’ve found our sound will be easier when the songs are recorded. It’s hard to make conclusions from inside of the process.

Are you planning on taking Nonsun to a stage and do some live shows, you once said you were looking for an extra live member, has that search been successful already?

Of course, it would be great to go on stage, and we’re constantly thinking about how to make it possible (with or without a third member). We’re still a duo for now.


In these days of the world getting smaller and smaller because of the Internet you can find bands from every corner of the world with a few clicks of a button, but i must admit i don’t hear or find many bands from the Ukraine, is the scene that small over there or have i been looking in the wrong places? If so, can you recommend some bands from your area that are worth checking out (next to Nonsun ofcourse!)

The scene over here is indeed not big enough, though lately the situation seems to get better. In early Summer we even had a stoner/sludge/post-metal/doom/drone festival nearby our city, which has shown that we really have great young bands, like Fumantia Mauris and The Curse of Wendigo, for example.

Sun Blind Me is out now on cassette. You can listen to the release below and the pre-orders are available at the Breathe Plastic Bandcamp.


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