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Interview: John – Humanfly

Interview done for metalfan.nl in 2008. Read the original (Dutch) version here

Could you as a start briefly introduce the band to our readers?
John (me) Andy (my brother) Dave (big nose) Mat (Slap Bass)

The band consists of former members of the bands Beecher and Canvas, two up and coming bands a couple of years ago if i’m not mistaking. Why did those bands split up? Especially Beecher seemed to be close to a ‘breakthrough’
Beecher had more line-up changes than Napalm Death. I think there was alot of pressure on that band and maybe they lost their faith in it…dunno with them really and not my place to say. The new Beecher band “the Freezing Fog” is way way way way better. Check ‘em out.
Canvas broke up when 2 idiots decided that the band revolved around them and it turned into an ego war. That’s how i see it anyway. They might say something like, “it was the right time…or …we could take it no further blah blah…” Humanfly is what Canvas would have turned into. Lost in Rock is fucking mint.

II is obviously your second album, i never heard the first one, how do those albums compare with eachother?
One is fast and one is Slow… Alot of people compare the 2 and say we’ve gone a new direction. It will no doubt happen again when they hear the newer stuff. The first one is less than 20 mins long. “II” is 40 mins… I think we just try to write songs different each time so we dont turn into Motorhead or Judas Priest or Iron Maiden churning out the same shit for 50 years

Is II a natural evolvement from the first album?
yes it was. We had no pressure from outsiders in that I put the record out myself meaning we had plenty of time to put it together ourselves… this includes recording, artwork and distribution…all us, DIY as fuck.

From the brief ‘lyrics’ on the record i’d say your lyrics/subjects/ideas are rather critical towards governments (your country killed you for oil) and about the power of nature? Is there a concept behind the album?
Yeah …I like the fact that you’ve absorbed the themes quite well. Hence why there are few lyrics on this record…Less is More. It’s basically pointing out some harsh realities and suggesting that ultimately, mother nature will always have the upper hand so to speak. The human race is pretty fucking dumb but worth saving at the same time. Billions spent on arms and pennies spent on “natural disasters” – Thats just fucked up

Or maybe i’ve been searching too far and it’s just about travelling? (A Passage to Reykjavik)
Kind of… Thats more of a tribute to the band’s ultimate goal. a journey through time and space back to the land where our Drummer will one day answer to the name “sire”.

How are the responses to the album? And are you happy with it yourself?
Responses have been great. CD version came out on 20 buck spin. Got some good reviews. Get to play more shows and for more people. I enjoy the recording process almost as much as playing live. It’s an artform within itself. The record sounds PHAT. we just wanted an album that sounded like the Drums were heavier than the Guitars. we got what we wanted.

In another interview i read that you have a hate/hate relationship with comparisons with other bands. How would you describe Humanfly yourself?
Punk rock

What are your plans for the near future, writing any new material, any plans for a tour or some gigs on mainland Europe (especially Holland and Belgium)?
We are currently writing a New album for 20 buck spin – it’s going to be fucking bleek. We definately want to do Europe and will possibly do that next year alog with a short American stint i would imagine.

I’ve noticed that lately there are quite some interesting bands coming from England again, with the likes of Manatees, Bossk, Taint. Do you feel that the British ’scene’ is booming again? And are there any bands that we should look out for?
So many good bands it’s bizzare… look out for: Red Stars Parade, These Monsters, Freezing Fog, Electric Mud Generator, The Horror, The Plight, Black Cesar, Year of the Man, Throats, Tangaroa, Tortuga, Chickenhawk and Monster Killed by Lazer………it’s all good man.


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