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Interview: Electric Citizen

Basically out of nothing comes Electric Citizen. A heavy rock/psych/70’s metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Besides being a promising new act they are also one of the future releases on Breathe Plastic Records, expected for a September release on cassette. Time for an introduction!

Hi Laura, thanks for answering these questions. From what i understand you haven’t been around as a band long yet, can you give a bit of a background of the band and maybe the bandmembers?

We’ve all been in good local bands, but nothing quite like this. We became friends through our beloved Cincinnati music scene, which also has deep roots in rock history, primarily through Kings Records. Ross, our guitar player, and I are married – we’ve been together since high school and have played music together and separately for a long time now. Electric Citizen is our first true brainchild together, but everyone in the band writes their own parts. Nick and Nate, our bass player and drummer, have been playing in bands together since high school. Yusef, our keyboard player, is originally from Saudi Arabia, but primarily grew up in the US, and has been playing music since he was a kid. We all share a love for this type of music, got together about 8 months ago to start writing songs, and well, here we are.


For a band that hasn’t been around long things seem to be going really well with already two labels showing interest in releasing your music, has this been surprising you?

Yes, it’s been quite a surprise to have such a quick and positive response since releasing our band to the public a month ago. We’re honored to have The Crossing and Breathe Plastic Records on board for our first release, excited to have been brought together by chance, and strongly believe in the great energy behind these 2 labels.

You recently did your first show, how was that and how was the response?

We had a great first show, the crowd was wonderfully magnetic, and the response was well beyond our expectations. Having spent months with these songs locked up so close, it felt really good to finally play them to a crowd. I really don’t think we could have asked for more, and we’re hugely thankful to those who organized the night.

How has the response been to the demo you posted on Bandcamp?

Stellar. I think what’s most shocking (and most exciting) to us is the response we are getting from around the world. The internet has the power to connect like-minds in a way that has changed the landscape for music, and we think that’s awesome.

The first band that came to mind when i heard your song ‘Hawk Nightingale’ was the Doors, do you agree with that?

Yes, it certainly has that sort of vibe musically. We love so much of the music that came from the 60s and 70s, it undoubtedly influences our sound, The Doors included.

What are other influences for Electric Citizen? And would you say those influences are mainly from bygone eras or are there also present day influences?

Our primary influences are from eras past, bands like Pentagram, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Frumpy, Coven, and many other rarities. We also love what’s happening in modern music right now. There’s a ton of great bands out there drawing inspiration from the same era’s of music we do like Graveyard, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Goat, and Wooden Shijps. We love all the bands coming off labels like Crusher, Rise Above, and Burger Records right now. It’s a great time for music, we’re excited to be apart of it.

You are going to release your music on vinyl as well, what can we expect from that?

We will be releasing a pair of vinyl 7″ records, recorded on tape, starting this summer, with the later of the two dropping in early fall. You’ll be hearing the mastered versions of the songs from our demo, and a couple more that we are recording at the end of this month.

What are the plans for Electric Citizen in the near, and not so near future?

We’ve got a 2 week tour planned in May with a great psych band from Grand Rapids, MI called Haunted Leather. When we return we will begin working on the full length album in hopes to release it later this year. We’re always working on new material, and we hope to continue that well into the future. We also plan to hit the road as much as possible this year.



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