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Interview: Daniele – Infernal Poetry

Interview done in 2006.

Beholding the Unpure was one of the most interesting releases in the deathmetal genre last year. Unfortunately the band didn’t get much exposure in the media, something that we thought should change. After a lot of delays and misunderstandings Daniele had some time to answer a few questions.

I usually don’t ask this question, but since you are fairly unknown in this area, can you introduce the band and tell a bit about your past?

Infernal Poetry was born in Ancona (ITA) in 1996. Our first official releases are a sort of mix between American brutality and European melodies. Then we needed something more and so we recorded Beholding the Unpure. Here we tried to overcome the usual boundaries of death metal, looking for a weird and personal direction.

Again a rather cliché question, but after hearing your album quite often, what are your influences musically wise (and maybe outside music as well, movies, writers?) I saw a link to ao. a Muse fanclub on your website, are you Muse fans?

No, but my brother is running that site! It’s the biggest unofficial Italian Muse site and has a lot material…anyway we listen to a lot of different stuffs, very very far from metal…I love hard rock, but I usually listen to things like Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age, SOAD and other guys in this band love and play different music: blues, jazz, experimental/stoner rock.

Your latest album is rather schizophrenic and chaotic, how much does it differ from your previous material as I have never heard that before.

It’s much more schizophrenic and hysteric, more experimental and more powerfull. But it is not chaos, not actually…I mean, you need time to get into it, but when you find the way, well, it works! If you pay attention, each riff has his time to grow up and get a meaning, the sense of each song is very complete. Our purpose was to shock but not to hide the main way to follow. And more: each song adds something to the previous one and to the next one. Beholding the Unpure is a coral album.

Your album is called Beholding the Unpure. Is there a concept behind the title? And what are the lyrics about?

Even if Beholding the Unpure is not a concept album, a lot of lyrics talk about the “Unpure”, the dirtiest but still one of the most important and vital part of human beings. Lyrics have a dialogue structure. I think they are more and more interesting than a normal lyric, because there is a real story to be discovered…and maybe continued!

The album has been out for some time now, how is the general reaction about it?

Talking about media: absolutely great.
Talking about live gigs: absolutely great.
Talking about sells: it’s still early to say.

Usually bands say their latest album is the best when it’s just released. How do you look at the album now it’s been out for a while?

We do not have this problem, because each album from Infernal Poetry is different from the previous one. Our sound is an evolving creature, so each album is the best in his purpouse. Not Light But Rather Visible Darkness wanted to mix European melodies with American brutality. Beholding the Unpure was meant to be experimental, complex, schizophrenic and claustrophobic. The next album, Nervous System Failure (that will be released after an EP called Nervous System Checking) will be more schizophrenic, but also more grotesque, more hysteric and more direct.

Your album kind of reminds me of North From Here from Sentenced, do you know this album?

No, sorry…;)

You have been supporting Dismember on their European tour. Were Dismember fans scared away when they hear your schizo/chaotic music? As Dismember is very straight forward and differs quite a lot from you.

Yes, a litlle bit!;) But in many gigs people understood our music and really liked it…take a look to our live show in Hoogeveen (NL) at www.infernalpoetry.com!

Have you been touring Europe in the past? How did that go?

Yes, we toured on late 2000 with Impiety, Rotting Christ, Abigail and Decayed across Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France and Switzerland. Then in 2002 we played in Slovenia as headliner and then again in Slovenia in 2003 with Dismember. Also in 2004 we have been plying a couple of gigs in Slovenia as Headliner with Icon of Hyemes and others. We have a very special/dramatic recalls about the first euro-tour…25 days of hard-driving/no- sleeping/maybe-eating life! 15.000 kms with our van!

Lately a lot of new bands come from Italy after years of quietness (except Sadist) how is the scene these days? Are there a lot of bands, fans or venues you can play? And what do you think about bands like Ephel Duath and Sadist?

Yes, it’s true, there are a lot of Italian bands now. But is not easy to play for most of them, even in Italy. …there are only a few metal clubs left here, and still a smaller part of them is willing to let you play if you are not known for your live attitude. We are one of the most active band in our country as regards gigs, but this is possible because we worked very well in the past and now promoters book us for gigs and festivals. We are a live act first of all!
I loved the first two SADIST albums, unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about their latest releases… and about Ephel Duath: our former drummer Andrea Rabuini is nowadays Ephel Duath’s drummer and our singer is following them as sound engeneer…hope to play with them one day. People interested in Ephel Duath could be interested also in Infernal Poetry , even if we are very very different!

What albums are your favourite at the moment?

If you mean “Extreme metal” albums, well, really don’t know…we usually listen to something different from extreme metal, because we think that that’s the only way to enrich and evolve our sound. For example, nowadays i often listen to Queens of the Stone Age, Mars Volta, Mr. Bungle.

You also made a video for the song Crawl, are you happy with how that turned out? And does it get any airplay in Italy or Europe?

Yes we are satisfied, we tried to reach the same mood of Beholding the Unpure artwork. Even the guy in the cover is the same person that appears in the clip. And colors have been choosen in relation with Beholding the Unpure’s booklet. Nowadays, the clip is on ROCK TV rotation.


What are your plans for 2006 and what can we expect from Infernal Poetry in the future?

An EP with 4 new tracks named NERVOUS SYSTEM CHECKING on 2006, and a new full length called NERVOUS SYSTEM FAILURE on 2007. And obviously we hope to tour again in Europe soon!

Thanks for taking your time answering these questions!
Thank you!

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