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I Like Trains – Last Christmas

(Former) British historians I Like Trains (formerly iLiKETRAiNS) released a Christmas song.

A what? Yes, a Christmas song. And not just some Christmas song, they’ve covered THE Christmas songs of the Christmas songs (if you don’t count Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas Time, or any of these songs for that matter) Wham! – Last Christmas.

Where Wham!’s song, despite the lyrics, is uplifting and will make you feel like running around with friends in the snow, throwing snowballs and drink some hot coco while melancholically staring at the snow covered landscape the I Like Trains version makes you want to look for the most nearby rope so you can hang yourself from the Christmas tree. And that’s quite the achievement with such a cheesy song.

Anyway, here it be:

I Like Trains – Last Christmas


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