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Gig: Deafheaven/Hierophant, Winston Amsterdam 17-2-2012

Deafheaven’s Roads to Judah is one of my favourite albums of last year. It took me some time to get into because i’m not the biggest blackmetal fan, and they have quite a bit of that in their sound. But i did like the fact they mix up post-rock/shoegaze (or whatever you want to call that) in their sound, so i continued listening to the album which made me like it a lot.

Anyway, they played the Winston in Amsterdam, a club about 5 minutes away from the station. Had never been there but noticed they have some nice gigs every once in a while. We arrived at around 19:30, and the first band, Fire Walk With Us, would play at 20:00. After some odd policy of letting 4 people in at once while it wasn’t too crowded inside yet we were right in time for Fire Walk With Us. Who played some form of instrumental postmetal, kinda like Pelican or Tank86 do. But without the interesting riffs, the interesting rhythms or anything interesting for that matter. Not to be a dick but it just didn’t do anything for me. It was all a bit cliche and you could feel the breaks coming from a mile away. Unfortunately they played really long. Which kinda sucked.

The audience was a bit weird, there were the familiar faces you see at almost every show but there were also a lot of hip people who i had the feeling weren’t there for the bands. Which gave it a bit of a weird atmosphere all night. They continued to talk during all bands, which got a bit annoying. Even though most bands were loud enough, but especially where i was standing a lot of people tried to overshout the bands. Plus there should be a ban on people with backpacks or any other form of bags. I can’t count the amount of times someone bumped into me with a backpack or bag. But anyway, enough complaining.

Next up was Hierophant from Italy, they play a form of sludge/hardcore/crust and they do that with a lot of energy. Their song material isn’t that interesting but they had their moments and they have a very energetic and charismatic frontman which made this an enjoyable gig, despite the rather bad sound they had. They played a short set, maybe 30 minutes tops, and i wouldn’t have mind if they played a little longer.

After a short break and an intro tape Deafheaven took the stage. They started with Violet, the first song of their album and they played in total 3 out of the 4 songs of Roads to Judah with the last song, i think it was Unrequited, being the best as they finally seemed to have warmed up. Unfortunately after that song it was all over and they left the stage rather quickly. Leaving the audience (or at least me) with a bit of a mixed feeling as they only played 30 minutes tops, which was a shame as i would have liked to hear more. But maybe that’s a good thing, stop before people get tired of you.

(Photo from http://meatmeadmetal.wordpress.com/)

Anyway, after the gig the dj did his best to get rid of alot of the people by playing some crappy drum ’n bass and other electronic crap. It’s a plague a lot of clubs tend to do these days after a band finishes. Get rid of the people there so the next bunch of people can get in. And honestly it pisses me off.

Talked to the bass player in Terzij de Horde briefly and he mentioned Deafheaven would come back with Russian Circles somewhere in april. I might go again then as this left me wanting more.

(Featured photo taken from Adam Murray)


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