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Festival preview: Dutch Doom Days XI

On October 20th and 21st the annual Dutch Doom Days will be held again in the Baroeg venue in Rotterdam. I haven’t been to every edition but been a regular since the beginning and saw great bands like Nadja, Ophis, Wreck of Hesperus, Mourning Beloveth, Esoteric, Heavy Lord, Evoken and HALO. Every year they manage to book some very interesting bands within the doom genre. Which means there is quite a broad range of bands playing going from old school doom, sludge, funeral, doom/death or drone.

Although it’s not sure yet i can make it to the saturday my personal favourites for that day are the Wounded Kings, who play a more traditional, but heavy, form of doom-metal. Another band to definitely check out (not that that’s hard with only one stage, but you never know) is Portugal’s Process of Guilt, who i only recently discovered after checking out some of the Roadburn 2013 additions. The band they remind me of most is Through Silver in Blood – era Neurosis and possibly Minsk. Great tribal-like post-metal / sludge. Other bands playing that day are Serpentarius from the Netherlands, Evil Spirit from Germany and Tyrant’s Kall from Belgium. Together with headliner Solstice from the UK they are more on the classic / traditional side of the genre. Something i find less interesting.


Sunday! I’ll for sure be there on the sunday, which starts off with two Dutch bands, Starve (sludge/doom/blues) and Faal (funeral doom). I like Faal better because the bluesy/rock ’n rollish stuff and vocals in Starve aren’t really my thing. Up next is Chilean doom/deathers Poema Arcanus, once again the vocals are a bit of a love it or hate it affair but the fact that this Chilean band isn’t exactly often in this area should be enough reason to atleast check them out. Other bands playing that day are German sludge band Gorilla Monsoonfuneral doomers Worship and headliners Celestial SeasonI’m still a bit bummed they chose George Oosthoek as their ‘new’ singer as i don’t think his voice fits the music. But with again a mixture of Solar Lovers and Forever Scarlet Passion songs it should be more than enjoyable.


Anyway, more than enough to look forward to. More info on tickets at the Baroeg website.


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