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Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass Pitch Black

Ever since the Roadburn festival (read about day 1, day 2 and day 3) i’ve been pondering about buying a new bass guitar. I sold my old one to a friend about 6 years ago and never really thought about playing again. The Roadburn festival inspired me to do something again and so i’ve been fooling around with Garageband and plugins and what not. In the meantime i have been searching for a cool looking, clean sounding (despite my search for some weird, fuzzy effects) and not too expensive bass guitar.

Enter the Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass, which looks like (not too surprisingly) the Gibson Les Paul guitar. I loved the shape and the matte black style of it. Checked it out in a local shop twice, played with it (or hit the strings and in the meantime try to place my fingers on the right frets as it was quite a while since i played) and i liked it. So when the store had a clearance sale i picked it up. Hopefully this summer i can practice a bit and fool around a bit with some software.

Anyway, without further ado:


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