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Dutch Doom Day 20-10-2012

It wasn’t the most interesting edition of the Dutch Doom Days for me personally, so i only went the Sunday this year as that had the most interesting bands for me. Especially since the Wounded Kings had to cancel their performance on Saturday the only really worthwhile band to see that day would be Process of Guilt, but since i am planning on seeing them at Roadburn 2013 next year i decided to skip the first day.

We arrived a bit later than planned, therefor missing 2 of the 3 Dutch bands on the bill today Starve and Faal. When we entered the venue Poema Arcanvs already was halfway their set. The melodic doom/death of these Chilean chaps, which reminds me of older Moonspell at times, wasn’t bad at all but i didn’t really like the melodic / clean sung parts, and there were plenty of those unfortunately.

Next up was Gorilla Monsoon, a German stoner/sludge band that wasn’t very original or brilliant. But they entertained, got some heads nodding and had a good and enthusiastic stage presence. Something that’s nice on a day with mostly slow and static bands.

After a quick bite to eat we came back to see Worship, a German funeral doom band. Funeral doom has always been a bit of a hit and miss affair for me, and while i tried to get into it, it was a complete miss this time. So after about two songs we moved back to the bar / merch area to socialize and check out the available merchandise until Celestial Season started.

I already saw them at the Roadburn festival earlier this year and then it surprised me to see how little people there were during that reunion gig. Especially since almost every band at Roadburn plays in front of a full audience. At Roadburn i figured it was because only about 15% of the people are Dutch and the rest is foreign and maybe because of that fact not too familiar with Celestial Season but i must say i was a bit disappointed in the turnout for this gig as well. Maybe it was the steep entrance fee of 18 euros (22$) but since you got 6 bands for that it wasn’t too bad. But the venue was only about half full, and since the Baroeg is a relatively small venue (400 people capacity), my guess is there was maybe about 100 people watching, one of those people by the way was Anneke van Giersbergen, formerly of the Gathering.

Anyway, Celestial Season was enjoyable, although i must say i liked their gig at Roadburn better, it felt a bit messy this time, longer pauses between songs and some trouble with the sound, which mainly seemed to concentrate around the cello. Just like the Roadburn gig the setlist contained songs from Solar Lovers and Forever Scarlet Passion and nothing of their later stoner material. The doom / death metal was presented well, and especially the drummer (who played his last gig) stood out. The biggest minus for me, just as last time, are the vocals, while George Oosthoek is a capable growler i think his vocal style doesn’t fit Celestial Season’s music. Despite that the Celestial Season gig was enjoyable, and seeing and hearing the audience response, received rather well.


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