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Doel, Belgium part 1

Together with Harry i went to Doel in Belgium. Doel is a small village near Antwerp which is threatened to be devoured by the Antwerp harbor ever since plans of expanding the harbor where made in the 60’s. In 1972 Doel counted 1.300 inhabitants. In 2007 there were 359 left (and by what we saw while visitting that number has drastically decreased since then).

Doel is close to the Dutch border. We arrived around 11.30 in the morning and it was rather quiet. Doel is a popular tourist attraction, but fortunately it wasn’t too crowded when we were there. We started our little excursion behind the old mill/restaurant/bar. Which is the only crowded place in the entire village.

Welcome in Doel

Our pick could have been better.

When we tried to enter the back yard of an abandoned house it was made clear there are still people living there and they apparently don’t really like the tourist attraction their village has become (can’t really blame them).
A woman came from a nearby house yelling at us we can’t enter any house or yard and a man was constantly yelling ‘THIEVES! THIEVES!’ even when we were already long gone from the house we heard him still yelling THIEVES! THIEVES! in the distance. So we decided to walk the other way and get out of their way. The rest of the day was rather quiet, and we’ve only seen 1 or 2 villagers as the majority of the houses and stores are abandoned which was rather surreal.

For this trip i brought three camera’s, my loyal Agfa Clack, a friend’s Hasselblad and my iPhone with Hipstamatic (yes, quite the contrast with the other two but my DSLR is having some trouble and i didn’t want to risk taking it with me). Needless to say i don’t have the pictures from the Clack and the Hasselblad at the moment. But here is a selection of pictures from the iPhone.

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Welcome in Doel
Welcome in Doel

Welcome in Doel
“For a clean and flourishing city”
Welcome in Doel
The back of this cover is available upon request…

Welcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in DoelWelcome in Doel
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